Wardrobe Capsule for the Pear(or A) Shaped Woman

Greetings Fashionistas!

Every woman deserves to be beautiful. Wearing the right clothes certainly help. When we choose the right fit and color, our inner beauty shines through. 

When it comes to our body shape, we are built in different ways. Sometimes, we aren't too sure how to dress our body because of weight gain(or weight loss) or a lack of confidence in ourselves. I know when I hit my forties, I had no longer had a clue how to dress. I felt like I was 20 years old, still do. But my body is no longer what is used to be. The reality is what it is, and when it comes to feeling our best, accepting our body the way it is, can only work in our favor.

That's why I created a series of Closet Essentials for every(main) body type. If you are not certain of your body type, I have a body type quiz just for you. Simply click here.

The series starts with the A shaped woman. If you are heavier on the bottom, then you fall in this category. These essentials are classic pieces composed of neutrals and prints. What is great with this closet capsule is that you can mix and match, and also one side for business attire and the other for weekend(casual).

Closet Essentials for the A shaped Woman

What do you think of these essentials? Let us know. For more fashion outfit inspirations, check out my fashion portfolio on Polyvore!

Stay fabulous!
Your personal fashion stylist
Jackie M.

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