Closet Essentials for the Professional Woman

Greetings Fashionistas!

Today, I'm sharing with you my fashion capsule for the professional woman. 

We all need the essentials, basic pieces we can mix and match. In this guide, you will find tops and bottoms, jewelry and shoes. Everything goes together.
Closet Essentials for the Professional Woman

Note the neutral colors like white, grey, khaki and black. I added a pop of color with the green and blue. However, they can be matched with the bottoms with ease. For the shoes and bags, when you stick with classic styles, you can never go wrong. Finally, for the jewelry, go for the simple yet elegant pieces. Nothing too flashy! However, always let your personality shine through. 

What do you think about these pieces? Let me know!

Stay fabulous!
Your personal fashion stylist
Jackie M.

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