Closet Capsule: Woman's Casual Wear

Greetings Fashionistas!

Today, I share with you a Closet Capsule for Weekend(Casual) Wear.  As I was going through my wardrobe, I found that most of my clothes are for the office. I used to work in an office building in downtown Montreal. So, that's why I have a lot of clothes I can only wear now on special occasions or business meetings with my fashion clients. Most of the time, I'm at home, researching the latest trends or shopping online. 

If you are like me and work from home or have a closet full of Business attire, it's easy to get trapped in the fashion rut. Wearing the same clothes(leggings and t-shirt) every day. That's why I decided to refresh my closet and create a capsule so I can get inspired. Plus, this gives me an excuse to go shopping for whatever I don't have...hehe

These essentials are classic pieces. That means this capsule is composed of neutrals and classic prints like stripes and plaid. You can personalize your outfits with accessories like hats and scarves.

Closet Essentials for the Weekend

What do you think of these essentials? Let us know.

Stay fabulous!
Your personal fashion stylist
Jackie M.

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