Petite Dressing: How to dress your silhouette

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Since my teenage years, I've been a petite person. Therefore, I had to first accept my 5feet1inch. Then I had to learn to dress my small stature in a proportionate matter, while enhancing my best features. What a challenge!

In the 80s and 90s, we had no fashion websites, only fashion magazines and books. Thank goodness! The first fashion book I purchased was based on how to find your style. I loved it because it helped get inspiration from the stars. I loved Elaine from Seinfeld. In the 90s, I loved the way she dressed. Today, my star inspiration is Jennifer Aniston. Her simple yet elegant style resembles my style in many ways. But, I do like to add my personal touches like Boho Vintage Chic jewelry. 

When I discovered this illustration on Pinterest, I immediately wanted to share this with you. It's inspired from celebs, which I think is great because we often get our inspiration from the stars. And, most importantly, it gives us tips on how to elongate and enhance our beauty. Please take note that this guide does not show us how to dress if you have a bigger bust. However, it does show in the "don't" part not to wear if you have a small bust. 

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Petite Clothing I'm a petite and Talbots is also a great source for petite pants and skirts . Target is an affordable option although some people complain that even the tiniest sizes are way too large for them. Pinterest:

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Do you have a favorite star who inspires your style?What do you think of this guide? Have a question, need fashion advice? Contact me!

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