Finding the Perfect Eyeglasses

Greetings fashionistas!

As a eyeglasses wearer since my teenage years, I've been intrigued to know which frame shape would best suit each person's face. It's not easy choosing the right frames. Our decision can be based on many factors such as style, trend or friend's opinion. Professionnal consultants at the optometrist's office or the eyeglasses store can be your best bet when choosing the right frames. 

In my continuous search of helpful fashion and style tips, I discovered this Pinterest pin and wanted to share with you. Better knowledge of your features is always a good idea before purchasing your frames. That way, you make your choice with confidence and rock those frames!

Click image to enlarge

After looking at this interesting chart, I'm happy to know that I have made the right frame choice for my oval face. 

Do your frames suit your face? Let me know. If you need advice or help, I'm your girl!

Stay fabulous!
Jackie M.

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