Leggings: The Staple Piece for Every Girl's Closet

Happy Monday Fashionistas!

Hope you had an awesome weekend!  I started working from home eight months ago, and the transition from an office downtown to my kitchen table wasn't easy. It's a lot of planning and motivation. 

I've also noticed how much I work in my pyjamas. It's fun but after a while, it got me down, and honestly it got boring. My morale took a hit. So about a week ago, I started wearing a bit of makeup, some simple earrings and a pair of comfy leggings with a nice tank top.

Now I wonder: How can I look stylish and comfortable? That is the question!

So I searched the worldwide web for some inspiration and here what I have found.

Some inspiring looks for home...

Some stylish tunics...

My favorite weekend looks...

Pictures: Pinterest

When wearing leggings, here are some styling tips every girl should follow to look their best.
1.  Leggings aren't pants, therefore please make sure the top falls at the hips and covers the derrière.
2. When going outside, wear layers. Scarves, cardigan, sweaters and jackets go well with leggings.
3. A great pair of boots or booties look awesome with leggings.
4. Buy at least 3 pairs of leggings. Charcoal grey, black and leather.
5. Invest in a good quality pair of leggings with a high and wide waistband.

Now, go rock those leggings, girls!

Stay fabulous!
Jackie M.

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