Jeans and Shoes: A Love Story Made in Fashion Heaven

Greetings fashionistas!

The weekend is here! If you are like me, you cannot wait to slip on those comfy jeans. But what shoes to wear? That is the question!

We have so many options out there for shoes. Booties, sneakers, stilletoes... And depending on the type of jeans your wear, the shoes choice could look strange.

So, when I found this illustration on Pinterest, I had to share with you. This will definitely help me this weekend. According to this picture, my shoe choice hasn't been too bad. Thankfully, it gives you two choices, depending on the weather and type of activity you will be doing.

Finally, be careful about the type of jeans you wear. Make sure they fit your silhouette. In a recent blog post, I share with you tips on finding your perfect denim jeans.

What do you think of this guide? If you have any questions, need help or advice, please let me know. 

Stay fabulous!
Jackie M.
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