Black Tie Event: What to wear?

Happy Friday Fashionistas!

I love Black Tie events. They are the unique occasions for us to dress up and look our best. For most of us, we only get to wear that special dress or suit once a year at the office Christmas party.

The first formal event I attended, was a corporate(formal) Christmas/Holiday party. I had no idea what to wear. Then, I remembered seeing Coco Chanel's picture of her wearing a simple black dress and pearls. Inspired by that image, I went shopping for the party a whole two weeks before in order to find that perfect dress. After visiting many stores, I had found the perfect black dress. It was long, flowy and classic. I think Coco would have liked my outfit. With the dress, I wore some pearls stud earrings and shiny diamond bracelet, and finished the look with some comfortable black booty shoes. 

Of course, this party was back in 1998 and my fashion style has changed. Yet, the little black dress will always be a classic for me. 

Below, I share with you Pinterest pins for women and men I found very interesting. It includes ideas for different Black Tie events. 
As you may notice, accessories are very important. They complete the look.

For the women...

For the men...

Source: Pinterest

Do you have a special event coming soon? Let me know. 

Stay fabulous!

Jackie M.
Jewelry designer and fashion stylist

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