Fashion Secret: How to hide your belly!

The darn belly fat! Yep, I admit I have it. When did it creep in on me? I have no idea. Maybe it's all the yummy desserts I baked during the winter...wink wink. The lack of exercise and stress have contributed to my physical transformation...sigh! Pilates twice a week, meditation and no more sweets are helping. In the meantime, while I work on getting my tummy down to a normal size, and fit back into my skinny jeans, I found these 10 most helpful tips to hide my belly and feel better about my physical apparence.

Fat tummy - hide tummy
A nice drape covers a tummy - red dress
A nice drape covers a tummy
1. Avoid all over baggy clothing – If you think a big loose top will hide a big belly, think again. Baggy tops and pants will exaggerate how big your tummy is. Instead, choose clothes that skim over your tummy without being tight. Clothes with a bit of built-in stretch will help you get a better shape.
2. Avoid tops with banded waistbands – They can hit your tummy at all the wrong places and draw you eye to your middle area.
3. Do not tuck in shirts – This will accentuate your belly and is not flattering.  (This does not apply to those who are a pear shape and have a small waist and flat tummy… you are fine to tuck in)
4. Don’t forget that a dress or top that drapes or has ruching is your friend! This red print dresshas draping that disguises a little extra weight in the tummy area and is slimming. Ruching (when the fabric is gathered and sewn down) also works well. Just make sure the ruching is subtle. Too much gathered fabric at your tummy make it look like you are wearing a curtain and add bulk.
5. Try a tunic and leggings –  A long flowing  tunic that covers your bottom worn with leggings and flats or boots is a great way to cover the tummy.
6. Medium rise jeans are the best to avoid the “muffin top” look –  Low rise jeans have been all the rage but for many of us it’s not a good look for us. Thank goodness midrise jeans are back in style. They like having a tummy tuck!
7. Opt for layers with thin long fabrics. – A long Tee under a longer cardigan works well. It will create the illusion that you are taller than you really are.
8. Try a fitted jacket as opposed to a boxier one –  Even if it means taking your jackets to the tailor it will be well worth it. Fit is key in looking slim in your clothing! Make sure your jacket nips in at the waist.
9. Monochromatic colors can help slim down a look –  Stick to one tone from head to toe and then add a jacket or lightweight cover up with a pop of color. Slimming!
10. Shapewear is the new girdle –  Shapewear comes in all styles and weights and can instantly slim your tummy down. If you’ve stayed away because you thought it was heavy and uncomfortable, you need to try some on. You’ll be surprised.

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Stay fabulous!
Jackie M.

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