Tips for dressing slim

Hello fashionistas!

1. Avoid soft, silky fabrics. You may think you're hiding a multitude of sins, but floaty fabrics will show every lump and bump. Wear thicker fabrics in tailored shapes that will smooth and narrow your silhouette.

2. Wear clothes that fit. Many people who worry about their size try to disguise their shape under baggy items, which only make them look larger. It's always preferable to wear fitted clothes. Start with a smaller size that you would normally wear and work upwards. The bigger size may look alright, but the smaller one may look better.

3. Choose the right colors. You may think they're feminine, but pale colors can make you look larger. However, you don't have to only wear black. Dark colors like navy, burgundy or brown can be just as slimming.

4. Pick your patterns. Bold patterns tend to make the area they're worn on look bigger. Try to use plain colors worn with smaller prints on the areas you are most worried about.

5. Don't wait until you've lost weight to buy nice clothes. Frumpy clothes can make you look and feel bigger than you really are. Experiment with shapes and colors. Enlist the help of a friend or stylist. And, don't be scared to show off your curves!

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