Plus size fashion tips

When it comes to plus size dressing, it can be a challenge. Not to fear, these tips will help you.

1. Choose tailored plus size fashion items. Baggy, loose fitting plus size clothing makes you look sloppy and bigger than you are. Tailored means women's clothing that is well-fitting, not too tight. If you feel self-conscious at first, ease your way into it with a well-fitted jacket or pant, and mix and match with your existing pieces. You will soon love the look and compliments, and will want more fitted pieces.

2. Match color pieces and layer. When layering plus size fashion separates, make sure to have 2 out of 3 of the pieces match. Or try different shade variations of the same color. Matching color pieces gives a longer, leaner look.

3. Wear bright colors. This will draw the eye up and move attention away from anything you think is a figure flaw.

4. Think vertical. When choosing accessories, try a scarf tucked in flat into an open collar, not tied around the neck. Choose earrings that are rectangular or oblong. Long necklaces or pendants should stop a few inches above your bust. Pick 1 or 2 pieces instead of many smaller ones.

Stay fabulous!
Jackie M.
Roxie&Loulou Vintage Fashion Accessories

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