Friday, February 27, 2015

Pick the right jewelry for a job interview

Have a job interview? When choosing your jewelry, choosing the right pieces can give you confidence. Here are a few guidelines to inspire you.

Roxie&Loulou Vintage Fashion necklace
  • Don't wear jewelry that can detract the other person's attention from what you are saying.

  • Do wear small, conservative pieces.  Necklaces should be discreet and rings should be inconspicuous, unless you are interviewing in the fashion sector. 

  • Do avoid the knuckle duster look with multiple rings per hand, with the exception of a wedding bands and engagement rings.

  • Don’t wear jewelry with political, religious or insignia depicting any movement or lobby. You are interviewing for a job not conducting a campaign. We also should also be mindful that none of us know the affiliations of anyone who might be interviewing us. You might be pro-hunting but your interviewer could be a vegetarian.

  • Don’t wear plastic- stick to real precious metals and stones. These classic pieces will always communicate sophistication.
  • Don’t wear jewelry in multiple piercings, nose, ears, mouth or tongue. Keep it simple.

  • Do co-ordinate – fashions change, but the focus should be on you and not on any fashion faux pas you might make with clashing jewelry styles.

  • Do be cautious about expensive pieces. You never know the background of the person who is interviewing you.

Have a fabulous weekend!
Jackie M.
Jewelry Designer

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bracelet, rings earrings, necklace or all at once?

Happy Monday!

Hope you are all having a great day! I'm busy thinking and designing my next jewelry creations. As I was thinking of jewelry, I was wondering....

Do you wear the combination of bracelet, rings, earrings and necklace or do you prefer the simple way?

Personally, I prefer going simple. For example, when I wear long intricate earrings, I skip the matching statement necklace. I don't want to overwhelm the look I'm going for. Yet, I don't like to wear plain jewelry. In fact, I've always loved the unique or colorful accessories. My favorite jewelry to wear right now is inspired from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. That's my whole inspiration for the earrings and necklaces I created.

All in all, I think it depends on the person and what they like to wear. It also depends on the social situation you're in. For example, a job interview is not the place for wearing all kinds of jewelry and the most glamourous ones. And an evening out is the ideal time to show your sparkles.

Keep it simple.. that's my motto.

What do you think?

Talk with you soon
Jewelry designer and fashion stylist at Roxie&Loulou

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hockey Date Night in Canada!

Happy Wednesday!

I love hockey and Canada is a hockey nation. And when it comes to sporting team colours in a big way, why not get inspiration from our favorite team for date night. Whether it’s the Habs’ blue, white and red, the Ottawa Senators’ gold, the Edmonton Oilers’ blue or even the Bruins’ black and yellow, let your colors shine. 
Here are some great wardrobe pieces that’ll show your hockey pride without giving you that just-stepped-off-the-ice look.

Talk with you soon!
Jackie M.
Jewelry designer and fashion stylist at Roxie&Loulou

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rock the shirt!

Happy Tuesday!

The button-down shirt has got the goods to be a wardrobe classic. It’s a simple piece that always looks sharp. Trendistas like Carine Roitfeld and Alexa Chung are tapping into the shirt’s powers, and these days they’re making it a major part of their looks. Many fashionistas are totally on board, and they’re rocking the many versions of this basic style. From the borrowed-from-the-boys cut to the multi-pocket safari style to the elegant bow blouse, the shirt really has something for everyone.
With this street style trend, add an eye-catching vintage-inspired necklace like the ones found at Roxie&Loulou's online shop. 

Stay fabulous!
Jackie M.
Jewelry designer and fashion stylist at Roxie&Loulou

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

10 ways to organize your closet

10 Ways To Organize Your Closet
Keeping our closets organized and clean can be a hard task to conquer. Sometimes we need more space and shelving, sometimes we have too many clothes and for most there just isn’t enough time in the day to keep it organized. The following ten tips will not only help with time management it will give you a few easy resources for keeping your closet as organized as possible! Check out the tips below:
  1. Invest In Proper Hangers: Having good hangers can create a strong base for closet organization. Wood hangers and satin hangers are the best to use and they can cater to different clothes. If you want to stick with plastic hangers try to have all hangers be the same color, this will give your hanging items a finished look. 
  2. Out With The Old: To clear up space try to go through your clothes at every season change (winter,spring,summer, fall). Doing this will make room for the outfits you love most and if you can donate what you don’t want you’ll be doing a good deed.
  3. Inventory: Take inventory of your closet so you know exactly what you have. This way it is easy to browse your clothing options and keep tabs on how much you really have. Taking out all your clothes and laying them out on the bed will give you a better view of what you have.
  4. Color Coded: By color coding your hanging items, you will allow for easier outfit selection when your in a rush and allow you to get the most out of your colors. If you need help, go to your favorite clothing store for color coding inspiration. 
  5. Hooks for purses: If your closet allows for the space designate 1 or 2 hooks for your handbags and purses. This way you can choose the perfect bag for your outfit and minimize the time it takes to get ready in the morning.
  6. Get inspired:  Organizing your closet is a great time to get inspired and add a few trendy pieces. Flip through your favorite fashion magazine and choose one or two trendy pieces. It can be a piece of jewelry and a print for example. This refreshes your closet as well as your look. 
  7. Cozy Warm: Sweatpants, work out clothes, comfy shirts etc. should all be kept together in the lower part of your closet. This will keep them all together and make it easy to find your favorite pair of cozy pants in no time!
  8. Fold Sweaters: If you have a small collection of sweaters, make sure they can be folded rather than hung. This way they will keep their shape and allow you to see all of your options.
  9. Boxes For Jewelry: A great way to organize your jewels is using decorative boxes from the Dollar store. Use various sizes for neclaces, earrings and bracelets. For your most precious jewels, invest in a nice jewelry box with velvet padding.
  10. Donate Slowly: A good way to keep your closet current is to create a donation box that can live in your closet. Then as you go you can slowly start weeding out what you don’t wear and donate when the box is full. You can also organize a clothing party where you trade outfits with your friends.
Have a question or a comment? Please feel free.

Stay fabulous!
Jackie M.
Jewelry designer and fashion stylist at Roxie&Loulou

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Essentials for Summer

Happy Wednesday everyone!

On this snowy Canadian morning, I look through my patio window and watch the snowflakes twirl on the balcony. I love winter with all its magical moments. With Summer months away, I like to prepare myself and be ready for the warm days ahead. Part of that preparation is to look fabulous and to make sure I have what I need.

So, here is my check list of the ten must-haves.

1. Coloful Sunglasses. Wire-rimmed, rimless or thick vintage frames. Complete your look with cool blue, sunny bronze or petal pink sunglasses. Make sure your sunglasses come with UV protection and plenty of style. 

2. Vintage Style Jewelry. Beaded chockers, delicate jewelry sets, charm bracelets or cuffs. Make your own fashion statement with chandelier earrings ro chain-link pendants in bronze or gold. PS. Check out my jewelry collection to find your perfect pieces.

3. Sexy Swimwear. Bikinis, tankinis or one-piece swimsuits. Cut out, key hole, drawstring or jewelry details. Bright colors, modern neutrals or playful prints. Just make sure your swimsuit brings out your fabulous self. 

4. Flirty Cover-ups. Show just enough skin in pretty pareos, flirty wraps and sexy sarongs. Or, look chic in oversized caftans and Indian-inspired tunics in bold prints, delicate sheers and light-weight cottons. Poolside or beach-bound, flowy coverage brings you a simple elegance you cannot go without.

5. Sun Dresses. Graphic florals, tropical prints or solid brights. Classic sundresses for work and weekend make summer style easy. Choose your perfect style from empire waist, bias-cut sheaths, shirt dresses or wrap silhouettes for a stylish comfort. Add a classic cardigan for cooler weather.

6. Latin Romance. Look sweet and sexy in feminine shapes with south-of-the border styles. Flirty details are easy to find in ruffled skirts and tops, polka-dot prints, asymmetrical hems and necklines. Take your pick of multi-layered tops and skirts for an updated, romantic look.

7. Bold Color. Yellow, pink, orange and emerald green. Beach brights and 80s neons show up in your favorite accessories, dresses and separates. Brighten up your outfit with hints of color and mix it up with neutral basics for a chic summer look.

8. Straw Bag. Straw totes, handbags and envelope clutches deliver fashion and function. Complete with embellishments, colorful fabrics.

9. Strappy Sandal. Open-toe sandals are the must for summer footwear. You can also show off your sexy pedicure in fancy flats or classy kitten heels, sling backs or stilletoes. Don't forget your simple flats, basic slides, retro platforms and wedges. Pair them with colors, printed fabrics. Wherever you go this summer, strut with style.

10. Cover your head. Finally, don't forget to complete your look with a wide-brimmed hat or a chic fedora. In the city or country, a fabulous hat gives you protection against the sun's rays and adds style to your outfit.

What do you think? Let me know.

Stay fabulous!
Jackie M.
Jewelry designer and fashion stylist at Roxie&Loulou